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Qurbani Services on account of Eid-ul Adha


The whole service of Qurbani is supervised by the Islamic scholars (Ulama).

The organizers themselves visit Odisha to oversee the management.

Rupees of the animals' skins are contributed among the needy souls.

Eid-ul Adha

Islam decrees emphatically its adherents for righteous deeds chiefly to assist the deprived and underprivileged people as providing them with the basic human needs is obligatory on every affluent and endowed Muslim.

Divine commandments i.e. Zakat, Sadaqat al-Fitr, and Qurbani (Eid-ul Adha) may have a lot of causes to deal with, however, their primary objective is to assist the impoverished and meet the needs of needy souls.

All praises and gratitude are for Allah Who blessed Al Khidmah Qurbani Services with the concern to serve the needs of poverty-stricken, hence we conduct the service of Qurbani for them in the states; worthy of note are Haryana, Punjab, and Odisha where Muslims are on the edge of poverty, unable to meet even the necessities.

For more than a decade Al-Khidmah Qurbani Services has long been traveling to Odisha and many other states like Haryana, Punjab on the occasion of Eid-ul Adha where we conduct the ceremony of Qurbani trustfully and faithfully as well in other states.

The whole management of the Qurbani ceremony is supervised by us to strengthen the trust and enhance our duty so that every single Qurbani could be performed fairly and their meats should be supplied among the needy people justly.

The tents are pitched in many areas of Odisha to provide the meats to far-flung corners. The colonies are poverty-stricken to such an extent that people usually slice the meat and dry it up to preserve it for cooking on special events in the future (According to some reliable persons).

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(Maulana) Musarrat Ali Nadwi

Manager (Co-ordinator)


(Maulana) Mohsin Nadwi

Manager (Co-ordinator)